Why Should Menstrual Pad Be Free

Being an ordinary person is already hard enough with trying to manage your family, work and financial state. It can be very stressful, but what is more stressful than all that is being a woman in society. When you are a woman in society, everything is expensive, you have to be born in richness and wealth because being or taking care of women is just a financial crisis. It’s not because women are needy or because they are selfish and greedy, it is just the fact that women’s products are irrationally expensive. It just sits right why women’s products are far more expensive than men’s products. Of course, it is not a man versus women situation here, but at least giving a rational price for women basic need products will be much more sensible and logical.

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Women sanitary pads are getting more and more expensive these days, the market products are increasing and despite the protest for women’s right and everything, women still don’t get a fair shot. Menstrual is something women inerrant by nature, the moment a baby girl grows up into an adult, it’s just a natural cycle. And yet there is still a price for it. It’s like food, it is necessary and don’t you want to get free food? Exactly, these are basic necessities that should never be priced, but it is. 

The reason why menstrual pad should be free is that there are many women who can’t afford them. There are homeless people, who not just need food and clothes but also sanitary pads on a monthly basis. There are women who have less knowledge about sanitary pads, and there are some that sometimes just doesn’t have enough money to buy a basic pad.  You see the price of a condom is 10 times cheaper than the price of a pad. 

Most women cannot afford pads, use tissue papers, papers, clothes, plastics and many unhygienic items. Which will cause many other health issues and problems to women’s health. Foreigners and migrants have a lot of time and difficulties in adapting to the country but sanitary pads should not be among them. That is why it is recommended for you to use Indonesia forex trading brokers

It is a well-known fact that women’s products are much more expensive than men, and business companies take this as the opportunity to put a high price on the most necessary item for women. I hope women will just ignore the price and buy the products, but what they don’t get is that no matter what kind of techniques they use, necessary items are supposed to sell in an affordable price range, at least.

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