Why Is Zalora A Good Business Website Example

In the e-commerce field, so many platforms and businesses are going back to neck trying to attract more customers despite being in the same industry. The reality of e-commerce is that nothing comes easy and you need to go through betrayals, storms, and all sorts of consecutively bad moments before you even get to experience the sunshine and rainbows behind it. This is because the competition is increasing day by day and some of them may have better things for customers than what you have. Things like this will cause a shift in our customers’ perspective and gradually change their minds fully. 

However, in catering to customers’ and consumers’ preferences as well as expectations, you should definitely check out Zalora as an instance of what a good website should consist of. 

On Zalora, it has very accommodative buttons and pages that you can navigate through the first page. It is very clean and neat despite looking as if super full and filled with a lot of pictures and writings. However, it is actually a good website that shows transparency to anything that has been associated and featured along with them. 

You can also take a look at the font sizes, typography. There are not many different fonts used on the website. This shows that Zalora does not entertain too many differences especially when they have little space and all. However, this reflects the fact that this website tries to reflect on the minimalistic design when it comes to typography. Using one or two minimal fonts can illustrate your website as super simple yet beautiful. 

Another thing why Zalora is a good website example is because of the smallest details it provides to people. Almost everything in regards to their website is written on the website just like how malaysia website design does for most of the clients. For instance, on Zalora, there is a section where it lists down all the courier services that they mainly provide despite them not being from the same company. Showing professionalism is the new cool. 

If you get onto Zalora’s website, there are so many clothes, pants, and many more things that they are selling. However, there is never an issue that the products are super different and vary by different outlets. Instead, the webpage is super organized and easily accessible for customers to buy anything they want. There is no lagging taking place too when the website is launched which is a huge win for us. 

If you want to create a website, you should definitely take Zalora as a good example of it all because it consists of almost every single detail that we as consumers might need to do any follow-ups to do. Customers will be super informed of what is happening with the website as it constantly updates itself. 

To have a good and aesthetic website is not all when it comes to selling your own business. You should take into account how vital everything is and we can only balance it all out when everything is achieved.

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