Industrial Automation

What Is Industrial Automation?

Automation has evolved to mean utilizing machines to minimize the amount of labour that humans have to do. It’s become synonymous with electromechanical systems that are programmed to carry out a variety of tasks. While automation isn’t appropriate for every company, the most of them may profit from one of the following forms of automation: Fixed, programmable, or flexible options are available.

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How Do You Define Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation systems are computerized systems that regulate and monitor a process, equipment, or device to perform repeated operations or duties. They are designed to run on their own to minimize and enhance human labour in the business.

Types of Automation and The Examples

There are three (3) main types of industrial automation and that is what you are going to read in this article.

Fixed Automation

Fixed automation, just like its name, shows that this type of automation is actually hard or better be called rigid. Whenever you hear the word fix or rigid, you will straight away know that the thing is very hard to be changed or worse case, unchangeable. Fixed automation systems are an excellent choice for high-volume flow output that is steady and stable over time. The example of fixed automation is actually something that we can see every day in companies who utilize mechanisation to manufacture food supplies of one type and variety will find this beneficial. It enables them to mass-produce and package that item efficiently.

Programmable Automation

In programmable automation, the set of activities as well as the design of the machinery may be altered using electronic controls. This technology is typically utilized in batch process manufacturing and needs a substantial amount of time and effort to reprogram the machines. Programmable automation is most commonly used for medium volumes, although it may also be utilized at low and high volumes if the economics justify it. To accommodate the new product, different tools and fixtures must be switched out, and machine settings must be modified. The best example of this kind of automation is the industrial robots.

Flexible Automation

This is the complete opposite of the fixed automation and is also called the soft automation. The main benefit of flexible automation is that product changes are communicated through the control system and occur rapidly and automatically, avoiding the need to reconfigure equipment between batches. Flexible automations are considered as the future of automation and are also categorised as artificial intelligence.  Verbal orders lead to the proper behaviours. Speech recognition, as well as a lot of controller memory, speed, and computing power, are all necessary.

Benefits of Industrial Automation System

There are actually a lot of benefits that you can experience by counting with the industrial automation company (Malaysia).

1.       Flexible – Reprogramming a robot or machine in an automated system is a simple and quick procedure that gives the manufacturing process more flexibility.

2.       Accurate – Adding automated data collection to your process can help you collect important production data and save data collecting expenses. This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about waste reduction and process improvement.

3.       Better quality – These technologies are beneficial in reducing human mistakes and, as a result, improving the quality and uniformity of the products available.

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Industrial Automation

Other Use of Tower Lights

Tower lights, especially the big industrial ones, are always seen as simply a convenient addition to construction sites, but we appreciate their usefulness and flexibility, which is why we have put together a short guide demonstrating how they are an outstanding addition to a wide variety of activities.

Tower Lights Can Be Used For…


Tower lights are a great addition to every event with the performers’ performances often not ending until way past midnight, with the after parties going over even later into the night. From organizing local events, to preparing a celebration that includes thousands of visitors, they can then be used to highlight arenas, highlight paths to get about in the dark, and make sure everybody’s safe throughout the revelations.

Community Games 

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Whether you’re playing in a match, or becoming a fan, it ’s crucial that the field is adequately lit. Tower lights are a great way to make sure no one loses a moment, from summer football games to evening track meetings. Having a bright light is important to avoid any injuries from happening during the game. This includes having security for the fans as well as getting lost in the seats can be easier than one can imagine. 

Community Festivals 

It is critical to have all the appropriate precautions in place when planning for the local events. When you’re getting a circus come to town, a lively summer festival, or even a fireworks show, our lights will provide important illumination for evening activities. It also adds a bit of colour and mood to the surroundings. The sum you will need to pay will depend on the scale of the case, so make sure to contact the company that you desire to book these tower lights so that they can prepare the ones that are appropriate for the events.