Bachelor in Sports Management

The opportunity to study sports management in action is a rewarding intellectual experience that also provides a solid foundation for future career development. The Sports studies courses in Malaysia University’s international outlook and integration with employers and professional associations ensure relevant and current content. The wide range of extracurricular activities, both social and subject-related, further enhances the student experience.

First course

  • The sport business
  • Sports Marketing Fundamentals
  • Fitness and lifestyle management
  • Management of the coaching process
  • Research and personal development methods
  • Health, exercise and society
  • English

Second course

  • Development of sports communities
  • Advanced coaching and mentoring
  • Professional and elite sports management
  • Personal development for the sports industry location
  • Location of the sports industry
  • English

Third course

  • People and project management
  • Sports policy and strategy
  • Management of global sporting events
  • Sports development and entrepreneurship
  • Research projects
  • About the sports industry
  • English


The program will formulate students for recreational management and future sports careers. Early career skills and knowledge will be developed through the study of skill acquisition, training, and instructional processes, while introducing key theories and issues affecting the sports and leisure industries. The program will be progressively developed in basic modules. Students will progress their knowledge and management skills through practical and fieldwork-based units related to management from a sports viewpoint.

Professional fields

Here are some guidelines regarding job placement opportunities that you can apply for if you pass this training.

Professional outings

The Official Master in Physical Activity and Health will allow you to act as an expert coach in improving physical condition and health in injury recovery centers, sports entities or sports research and health centers. 

Likewise, it enables you to continue on the academic path at universities, pursuing doctoral studies in the field of physical activity and sport

Functions and activities

  • Design programs to promote physical activity and healthy eating. 
  • Advise on the prevention of injuries during the development of sports activity.
  • Carry out recovery treatments for injuries caused by exercising. 
  • Coordinate physical activities in order to improve pathologies and reduce health risk factors. 
  • Collaborate in research projects on physical activity and health.
  • Develop appropriate exercise programs for the person in order to improve their quality of life.
  • Complementary training and other related studies

Once the Master is finished, you have the possibility to orient your career towards research and teaching. To do this, you can expand your knowledge with the   specialized doctorate in the field of physical activity and health that best suits your interests.

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