4 Netflix Shows For The Light-hearted

Are you secretly a romantic at heart just like me? Do you enjoy a good session of laughter and tears on your off day from work? Well, this list of Netflix shows is for you. 

If you’re anything like me, right now you need an order of the greasiest fast food and heading over to watch something lighthearted and fun to take the tension off from your mlm software development. So here is my perfectly curated list for you that you can enjoy right now 

  •  Bridgerton 

Arousing in so many different ways, this show blew up all over social media and all for good reasons. This mini-series has got it all. Amazing looks, sexuality, diversity, romance, and quality scandals. In just 8 episodes the show managed to pull me into my Wattpad dreamland, where it is full of naivety, love, beauty, passion, and pure elegance. I made the mistake of watching this eloquent drama in the french audio, and might I say I have no regrets. But of course, this was meant to feed you a British fantasy, so make sure to tune into this show and stick to the English audio. 

The cast was wonderful and may I say I am undeniably obsessed with the male lead? His charm and extremely beautiful chemistry with the young female lead carried this entire show. It was riveting to watch their love story unfold. 

  • Queen’s Gambit 

A little too intense for this list, but fret not, I included this mini-series here for very good reasons. Queen’s Gambit is the life’s work of the 81-year-old Allan Scott. HE spent an entire decade perfecting every little detail of this story and now it is one of the best and finest cinematic productions. I must say, well deserved for the nine times he rewrote these series. Funny and utterly absorbing, the magnificent lead, Anya Taylor-Joy draws you into her world. She is captivating and above all portrayed beautifully. Her riveting acting alone is a reason to watch this series. 

  • Sex Education 

Still, reeling from the amazing show that is queen’s gambit? Now let’s move onto a more relaxed show. Sex education portrays a mixture of maturity, responsibility, funny, genuineness and it all involves teenagers. I love this show for not following the Hollywood tropes of girl meets boys, falls in love, wreck a party,  get drunk with the quarterback, and any other cliches. No, this show was incredibly diversifying and perfectly balanced serious topics with humor. Teenagers already have it hard enough and this drama shows their world into sexual orientations in a manner that simply sparks responsibility in you. 

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Enjoyed watching friends on weekend but now you are tired of rewatching it for the absolute tenth time? Well, personally I will never get tired of friends. But if you need a new show on similar tropes of friend dynamics but with the inclusivity of current situations, this is the show for you. I can’t tell you about the number of times this show has cheered me up on a day after work. It truly does wonders, especially when combined with your favorite order of pizza.  This show has a total of 7 seasons available on Netflix. For those who are avid fans of this show already, catch the seventh season that premiered on 10th February. 

Don’t miss out on these amazing findings that I personally found for you. I promise these will make your weekend even better!

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